Interceptors have a set of useful capabilities which are inspired by the Chain of Responsibility Pattern.

Create a Interceptor

An Interceptor must return a intercept method. We now support interceptor as middleware for Express (opens in a new tab)

  • ExpressInterceptor - create an interceptor
  • ExpressErrorInterceptor - create an error interceptor

The ExpressErrorInterceptor should be used for handle global error.


Or Error Interceptor

export const GlobalApiErrorInterceptor = (err: Error, req: Request, res: Response, next: Next) => {
    // ... logic here
    return next();

Interceptor on Demand

The @UseInterceptors decorator is a decorator that accept an Array of Interceptor.

The @UseInterceptors accept both Interceptor and 3rd parties express middlewares like multer, cors , helmet.


Or Use multer (opens in a new tab) for file upload with other interceptors.