Getting Started

Install CLI

You can use heron cli to create new project.

npm i -g @heronjs/cli

Create Project

Get started by creating a project.

mkdir example
cd example
npm init -y
echo "//\${NPM_TOKEN}" > .npmrc

The NPM_TOKEN is required to pull all modules below.

npm install @heronjs/core @heronjs/common @heronjs/express

Create Module

    imports: [TodosModule],
@DataSources([MYSQLDatabase, PostgresDatabase])
export class AppModule {}
import 'reflect-metadata';
import { AppModule } from './app';
import { HeronJS } from '@heronjs/core';
const main = async () => {
    const app = await HeronJS.create({ module: AppModule });
    await app.listen({
        port: 3000,
(async () => main())();

Start Application

npm run start

Your server starts at http://localhost:3000.